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Antivirus : NOD32 Update Viewer 4.01.2

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[FD's BlOg] - NOD32 Update Viewer allows you to expand the functionality and improve the reliability of obtaining updates for antivirus ESET NOD32, EAV and ESS. The program actually solves all the problems with the updating of the popular anti-virus database, and thus make it free without breaking.

NOD32 Update Viewer 4.01.2 | 7 Mb

* Displays the contents updates on all servers company Eset and mirrors.
* Displays real versions of files (not from update.ver).
* Checks and updates a list of servers Eset.
* Comparison content updates to your NOD32 and current mirror (new green; outdated-red).
* Indicates what is the server Trial update.
* Restores files in the "Mirror NOD32 LAN Update Server."
* Creates a mirror with the restoration of names.
* Creates a mirror of the real files Eset servers.
* Creates a mirror in any language versions of software components.
* In auto mode, hourly checks and updates mirror with pereborom passwords and disposal of obsolete (gets in the systray).
* Once runs avto-obnovlenie (the "auto" at the command line).
* Creates a mirror server from the command line (and gets in the systray rose after implementation).
* Creates a mirror on the assigned NOD32 (the "this" on the command line).
* Creates trialnoe mirror (for the fans).
* Polnotsenno NOD switches from the commercial regime trialny and back.
* Sinhroniziruet current mirror FTP mirrors.
* Runs external program after updating.
* Testiruet servers for updates, and then adding to the list of mirrors.
* Checks passwords to be able to update to the company Eset servers.
* Checks passwords from the text and DBF file to be able to update the server with the selected company Eset.
* Preserves current passwords in text and DBF files.
* Checks may download passwords different versions installation tool NOD32 (Standard, LAN Update Server ...).
* Downloads any available version installation tool NOD32 (Standard, LAN Update Server ...).
* Adds components of the installation tool NOD32 and set NOD32 (right button on the first line).
* Perenosit name and password of NOD32 in NOD32view and back.
* Checks passwords for the termination of in the last 10 days.
* Supports work through Proxy Server.
* Works with mirrors on HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP.
* Works with mirrors with authorization (... tp: / / username: password @ host ...).
* Works without NOD32.
* Works under Windows Vista.
* Refreshes base DrWEB or CureIt v4.33 and 4.44 (DrWEBview.dll).
* Refreshes base AVZ (AVZview.dll).
* Checks keys to download and download ESET Smart Security. NEW!
* Checks keys to download and download ESET NOD32 Antivirus. NEW!


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