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Download ACDSee Photo Manager 2009

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[FD's BlOg] - ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 - a set of tools for working with digital images. In the package includes tools for organizing an orderly storing images, as well as for viewing and editing. Photographers will be able to post edited pictures in an attractive box, use special effects, upload the results of their work online fotoarhivy (such as flickr), as well as create a colorful slide show.

Version ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 offers a range of improved and new features. For example, the application automatically saves the original image when you first open the file and protects it from accidental modification. At any stage in the editing process, users can undo your changes and return to the original image.

The new funds will allow the import file, rename images, make backups, distribute, categories and add keywords in the process of extracting data from your camera, memory card, disc CD / DVD or any other storage device. Combined with the Auto Categories, which automatically organizes images in accordance with metadata, these tools make it easy to manage photo archives.

ACDSee users to a combination of metadata created by the camera (IPTC and EXIF) with its own metadata (ratings, categories, etc.). For example, the way to «tie» important information to images of specific file formats that do not support metadata camera (PNG, PDF, or GIF).

Users can carry out a comprehensive search for the desired image on the folder and file name, location, membership in a specific category, rating and other criteria. Sets of these criteria can be stored for later use.

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